Let take a look at how it all looks, video from Please take the tour before you create your account. Before setting up your WordPress account take a look at the pictures below try and follow each step, some time you may need to scroll down to find free account. click on picture to enlarge.

Set up your account

Follow these steps; click on picture let get started to begin.

  • 1 setup pictures click to start


You will be surpize how easy it is.
The Tour. Have an idea how look; Dashboard, Page, Post Blocks editing, Colours, Text

sign up for let start building

Week. 2

Customize Your Website

We now need to make it your own site by introducing your site title; cover picture and text. Input the name of your website and possible greeting call to action button.

Let’s Begin

It now time to refer to video in introduction. To add your title to your website
Make your website take shape.

Get to know your workspace and Dashboard, know where your WordPress buttons are and know how to use them – can you name the buttons and what they do? Find out for your next session.


Add your website title
Backround block how to change backround and text( add your website greeting)
Heading block: how to change blocks and edit text ( add your introduction)
Textblock: how to change block, change colours and size and edit text
how to add to your menu
Button: text and link to (contact page)

Links, Categories and Tags

Week 3.

Links, Categories and Tags

Recap lessons 1 & 2 this is where i hope your website will be looking fab. i will be asking you all to share your screens. Goal to include links and how to use

Category and Tag

How to setup category and Tag

lesson 3. continue links

The important of links will share on my screen classroom demo Links
back to top
for shop you will need a paypal account or i can show you different methods all with links


Understanding the usefulness of links and where to apply
How to use Category and Tags

Optimize Your Pictures

Week. 4

Reasons to optimize your pictures Lots of un – optimize pictures will slow your website, and possibly stop it running, take up all hard drive space, allocated to your site. Your site will take a very long time to load a just one picture and software will become very slow. This will decoupage people from using your site

Picture size question how big is my picture ? to find out look in property and details Window 10 left click your picture and check property at the bottom of list for Mb size also look in details. Picture on the right is now 840Kb there very little difference between picture quality. I can carry on and reduce it to 50 kb

6.06 Mb
840 Kb

Picture property

Resize picture to 10 X 15 Cementer, Save and export for web legacy using Photoshop and you can also change picture from 1920 x 1080 reduce all the way to size you need


understanding the important of Optimzing your website

Search Enging Optimisation (SEO) Short intro

Local by Flywheel

Week 5

Our final week.
Today I’m hope to show you how to build a complete website in just a few clicks

Local Flywheel

Let build your website without being on line this make it very useful, to practice with difference website building software.
Once install and running you will be able create fully built site in just a few clicks. Please note there are lots of video on Local, if you find it difficulty try different video

Software we are going to be using to build our site is Astra Starting Template first when you have time checkout the video for now I will take you though the steps in our class.
Be sure to watch the video before installing software.

Next up

Over the weeks some of the video we use included Astra Theme like the optimize video now I found a video step by step guide complete website in just a few click. Always remember go over what you have learn recap get to know your Dashboard and your workspace. Use local and learn for free no paying for domain and hosting

Outcome final week

Now your all set, just like passing your driving test, once you have your licence, it time to gain experience. You can now take charge and begin your journey.

Hope to see you all next Term

Thank you to St. Mungo Staff: James Carol, Monica Wilson and Peter Sheerin who help put this course together and got me though the volunteering Training.

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