Let take a look at how it all looks, video from Please take the tour before you create your account. Before setting up your WordPress account take a look at the pictures below try and follow each step, some time you may need to scroll down to find free account. click on picture to enlarge.

Set up your account

Follow these steps; click on picture let get started to begin.

  • 1 setup pictures click to start


You will be surpize how easy it is.
The Tour. Have an idea how look; Dashboard, Page, Post Blocks editing, Colours, Text

sign up for let start building

Week. 2

Customize Your Website

We now need to make it your own site by introducing your site title; cover picture and text. Input the name of your website and possible greeting call to action button.

Let’s Begin

It now time to refer to video in introduction. To add your title to your website
Make your website take shape.

Get to know your workspace and Dashboard, know where your WordPress buttons are and know how to use them – can you name the buttons and what they do? Find out for your next session.


Add your website title
Backround block how to change backround and text( add your website greeting)
Heading block: how to change blocks and edit text ( add your introduction)
Textblock: how to change block, change colours and size and edit text
how to add to your menu
Button: text and link to (contact page)

Create your website with
Get started
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