Optimize Your Pictures

Week. 4

Reasons to optimize your pictures Lots of un – optimize pictures will slow your website, and possibly stop it running, take up all hard drive space, allocated to your site. Your site will take a very long time to load a just one picture and software will become very slow. This will decoupage people from using your site

Picture size question how big is my picture ? to find out look in property and details Window 10 left click your picture and check property at the bottom of list for Mb size also look in details. Picture on the right is now 840Kb there very little difference between picture quality. I can carry on and reduce it to 50 kb

6.06 Mb
840 Kb

Picture property

Resize picture to 10 X 15 Cementer, Save and export for web legacy using Photoshop and you can also change picture from 1920 x 1080 reduce all the way to size you need


understanding the important of Optimzing your website

Search Enging Optimisation (SEO) Short intro

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